Our CSR strategy

  • An evolution in our business that makes sense.
  • Influence all our employees, these new eco-responsible ambassadors.

Our CSR strategy

  • An evolution in our business that makes sense.
  • Influence all our employees, these new eco-responsible ambassadors.

D&fi Groupe commitment

Reducing our carbon footprint & all our consumables

In addition to the objectives linked to the three pillars of sustainable development, D&fi Groupe sees many other advantages in intensifying its commitment to sustainable development, including :

  • Anticipating constraints and preventing risks (social, ecological, legal, image).
  • Strengthening pride of belonging internally.
  • Improving thecompany's recruitmentappeal.
  • Improving economic performance through innovation and opening up new markets.
  • Consolidation of reputation, image and stakeholder loyalty.
  • Reducing costs linked to resource consumption and waste production.

Whatever the diversity of its businesses and components, the same business ethics must be shared.

D&fi Groupe's values, which underpin our shared business ethics, are based on three principles of action:

  • Proximity
  • Liability
  • Solidarity
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Ensure long-term operational and financial performance, contribute to value creation by meeting customer expectations, while respecting mutual interests.

Social & societal

Promote employee skills development and well-being in the workplace, encourage diversity, and contribute to causes of general interest, notably through corporate philanthropy initiatives.

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Limit the environmental impact of our activities (energy, paper, water, etc.), and choose partners who care about the environment.

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Creation of the CSR department

A new department for new challenges

With this in mind, in 2022D&fi Groupe is creating a CSR Department with the following missions:

  • Ensure the coordination and implementation of its sustainable development policy (impetus, information and communication, internal and external monitoring, coordination of cross-functional projects, follow-up of reporting actions...).
  • Deploy a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach within the Group's companies and subsidiaries.

Chart production

Our commitments in black and white

These charters set out the Group's mission and values, its commitments on economic, social and environmental issues, and the rules of conduct or duties incumbent on employees.

  • Drafting of an ethics charter.
  • Drafting of an environmental charter.
  • Drafting of a responsible purchasing charter.
  • Drafting of a social policy charter.
  • Make employees aware of the principles laid down in these guidelines and ensure that they are properly applied.
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Results 2023

Results worthy of the challenge ahead

We have worked hard this year, 2023, to set up our new CSR department, to determine the actions to be taken and thus meet the first objectives at stake in the Ecovadis rating.

The two players we approached, Ecovadis and Objectif CO2enable us to set achievable objectives in the short, medium and long term.

From 2024, D&fi Groupe will be offering more carbon-free services to encourage our customers to make more eco-responsible service choices.

  • Overall score of 55/100.
  • Environmental score of 50/100.
  • Social score of 60/100.
  • Ethical score of 50/100.
  • Responsible purchasing score of 50/100.

Scores in 2023 adapted to our activity, which can only be improved in 2024.