Express & dedicated transport

  • Do you have an urgent parcel to collect from a customer or supplier?

  • Luxury goods that need to be transported securely?

Express & dedicated transport

  • Do you have an urgent parcel to collect from a customer or supplier?

  • Luxury goods that need to be transported securely?

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Our express shipments in 2022

Our express shipments in 2022

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Express deliveries and collections: gain in agility

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Choose D&fi Groupe for your express deliveries and collectionsguarantees you several advantages:

  • a dedicated contact for proactive tracking of your shipments, transport orders and proof of delivery (POD);
  • IT equipment ranging from WEB access to an EDI link via a remote station, depending on your needs and internal management methods;
  • a single from pick-up to delivery;
  • management of customs procedures for international operations.

Take advantage of the volume effect of our network for your express deliveries. No weight limitswe transport all types of goods anywhere in France and to over 220 countries around the world.

Express National


Metropolitan France & Corsica

Our extensive network of carriers and logistics service providers enables us to cover the whole of France. Daily collections are organized from all French departments and Corsica. You can therefore entrust us with all your deliveries, whatever the type of goods and with no weight restrictions.

Take the hassle out of delivery management is our goal. That's why we offer you a tailor-made service. You can choose from several options:

  • pick-up or shipment operations from one department to another;
  • regular or punctual delivery (on request);
  • door-to-door delivery BtoB, BtoC;
  • delivery specific day and time;
  • delivery floor;
  • delivery point relais;
  • etc.

We also offer complementary services such as the returns management and exchange management (SWAP). For private customers, D&fi Groupe offers you the choice of place and date via SMS or email notification.

Benefit from fast delivery times: 

  • J+1 anywhere in France for all types of parcels and pallets;
  • D+1 before 10 a.m. anywhere in France for documents and parcels weighing 0 to 30 kg;
  • D+1 before 1 p.m. anywhere in France for single and multi-packages up to 1 ton and 3 pallets;
  • D+1 before 1 p.m. for lengths up to 3 m;
  • Saturday delivery before 1 pm for parcels weighing 0 to 30 kg.

You can also benefit from complementary combined transport services: a tailor-made transport plan for your goods, combining the following services freight forwarding, chartering (road transport) and air and sea freight.

    Distribution in île de France

    Logistics experts for more than 15 years, we have developed well-defined processes and methods with the aim of to adapt to traffic constraints and and changing regulations.

    Our geographical location, close to Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport, is strategic for you. We provide distribution of parcels and pallets in Paris and throughout the Île-de-France region.

    Our fleet of vehicles 

    From 1kg parcels to full truckloadswe handle an average of 350 deliveries and collections a day in the Paris region. To best guarantee your deliveries within the French capital, we entrust them to our own delivery drivers. Our fleet of vehicles includes :

    • light vehicles;
    • vans;
    • 20 m3 trucks with tailgate;
    • heavyweight.

    Express International


    For export

    You want to to stand out on the international market ? Controlling your export delivery times is a key competitive advantage. At D&figroupe, we offer you the luxury of being able to meet your customers' urgent needs.

    Entrust your shipments to us, with no weight or volume restrictions, for express transport, reliable and secure. We offer you :

    • BtoB and BtoC door-to-door deliveries;
    • shipments on specific specific time slots (after study);
    • a returns management;
    • exchange management (SWAP).

    Benefit from express delivery times:

    • D+1 before 9 a.m. on the EU;
    • D+1 before 12 noon on the EU;
    • D+1 during the day on the EU;
    • D+1 to D+5 for the rest of the world

    Not to mention assistance with customs procedures :

    • study of your needs;
    • regulatory advice;
    • customs declarations.

    On import

    Here, too, you are not bound by any weight or volume restrictions. We can organize your regular or one-off express pick-ups (on request). Our import transport network covers the whole of mainland France, Corsica and over 220 countries.

    We transport your documents and parcels to and from any country.

    Benefit from fast turnaround for your international collections:

    • D+1 before 9 a.m.: EU provenance;
    • D+1 before 12 noon: EU provenance;
    • D+1 to D+5: from the rest of the world.

    Not to mention assistance with customs procedures :

    • study of your needs;
    • regulatory advice;
    • customs declarations.

    To French overseas departments

    Have your products your products to French overseas departments and territories while minimizing transport costs This is possible thanks to grouped shipments from mainland France. We regularly organize these operations to Martinique, Guadeloupe, Reunion Island and French Guiana. At destination, goods are unbundled according to :

    • your different BtoB or BtoC recipients;
    • the chosen delivery method (home, workplace, relay point or one of our agencies).

    Are you shipping goods to Guadeloupe, Martinique and Reunion Island? We take care of your on-site logistics and your Pick and Pack business. Our expert teams will take care of your :

    • stock control;
    • order picking;
    • packaging and wrapping;
    • BtoB or BtoC delivery.


    What kind of goods can I send by express delivery?

    We transport all types of goods for express delivery or collection. From simple documents in single envelopes to pallets and posters packed in tubes.

    How can I track my shipments and deliveries?

    Défigroupe gives you access to our in-house software, enabling you to enter all your pick-up and shipment requests. Our team will then check your entries regularly, find the best response to your needs and organize the transport operations.

    What level of security for my merchandise?

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