Logistics outsourcing

  • Your business is booming and you want to to optimize your logistics ?
  • Are you looking for solutions that can be adapted to any business sector, but especially to your own?

    Logistics outsourcing

    • Your business is booming and you want to to optimize your logistics ?
    • Are you looking for solutions that can be adapted to any business sector, but especially to your own?

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      Our stock management in 2022

      Our stock management in 2022

      Optimize your logistics by outsourcing

      Manage your business growth with logistics outsourcing

      We understand that as your business grows, so must your logistics strategy. As your business grows, it's essential to put in place the resources needed to meet your customers' expectations. So it's vital to have a logistics partner with the know-how and expertise to support you.

      D&figroupe has two logistics warehouses of 2,500 and 1,500 m² each. Our dedicated, multi-skilled teams are trained to meet all your requirements and demands. This enables us to adapt to your needs in terms of storage, handling, order preparation, labeling, etc.

      You can also take advantage of our complementary combined transport services: a tailor-made transport plan for your goods combining express transportexpress parcel delivery, chartering (road transport) and air and sea freight.

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        BtoB Logistics

        Would you like to outsource all or part of your logistics ? Trusted supply chain provider for X yearsD&figroupe will support you step by step as you your business development in France and abroad.

        We put our logistical and human resources at your disposal to guarantee :

        • inventory reliability and traceability of merchandise flows ;
        • improved performance and enhanced service quality quality of service to your customers;
        • optimize and control logistics logistics costs ;

        efficient management and special operations.

        E-commerce logistics

        You want to set up omnichannel distribution ?

        D&fi Groupe is your fulfillment partner for e-commerce logistics outsourcing.

        For your online sales businessOur experts can help you define BtoC logistics solutions. This will enable you to control your entire supply chain, while guaranteeing the satisfaction of your end customers.

        We offer :

        • ultra-customized packaging and delivery services and delivery services to build customer loyalty;
        • high-performance configuration and a fast connection between your e-commerce site and our information systems;
        • a meticulous customer experience with fully personalized service;
        • management of your activity peaks;
        • reliable traceability and precise analysis of your performance.

        Helping you grow your business


        What are the advantages of outsourcing?

        Logistics outsourcing enables you to optimize your supply chain, improve profitability and secure your goods. Entrusting your logistics to an expert saves you precious time, which you can use to develop your business and better satisfy your customers. D&figroupe offers you a tailor-made solution that takes into account all your constraints.

        Which business sectors are covered?

        D&figroupe offers solutions for all kinds of sectors, including food, electronics, printing and textiles. We adapt to your specific needs to provide you with a complete, tailor-made service.

        Does D&figroupe support my growth?

        As your business grows, our logistics expertise evolves in parallel to meet your customers' changing needs, with dedicated teams and tailored solutions. Working with D&figroupe enables you to increase your logistics capacity without constraints, and reduce your costs.

        What is the storage capacity?

        Our warehouse, located near Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport and major motorways, has a storage and order-picking capacity of 4,000 m². We are equipped with shelving for conventional palletizing, quantity and quality controls, product referencing and a dedicated space for each customer to meet all your storage requirements. Our dedicated, trained team ensures efficient stock management of your goods.

        What ancillary activities are on offer?

        Depending on your needs, we can check the conformity of your merchandise, rework and repair your products (when possible) in the event of refusal, manage returns, carry out quality control, ensure parcel traceability and package your items with customized packaging.

        Why customize my packaging?

        Personalized packaging is first and foremost a guarantee of quality for your customers. It enhances your customer experience and your brand image. What's more, your products are perfectly protected thanks to the right packaging. D&figroupe has set up its own design office for customized packaging, so you can benefit from all these advantages.

        Why recycle my waste?

        Eco-responsibility affects everyone today. It's becoming the norm, and a priority for your own customers.

        Reducing our carbon footprint is important to us. We sort our waste into cardboard, paper and plastic. We then recycle the cardboard ourselves, while our other waste is processed by our partners.