Dedicated customer service

  • Doyou have to keep track of your shipments and collections on adaily basis?

  • You can't manage your transport disputes ?

Dedicated customer service

  • Doyou have to keep track of your shipments and collections on adaily basis?

  • You can't manage your transport disputes ?

Exchange with a contact

A dedicated contact for complete, responsive tracking of your shipments

Ne put a dedicated agent at your disposal. His main mission is to monitor your shipments and control the smooth running of your shipments, taking into account the specific requirements of each each destination and customer. He is responsible for supporting you, proposing customized solutions and answering all your questions.

To ensure this proactive follow-upour team is equipped with a information system and high-performance tools. Our software, developed in-house and equipped with a customer and carrier database, enables us to track each shipment with precision.

Our proactive follow-up enables our trained and experienced agents to react quickly to deal with your delivery anomalies even before you become aware of them. They draw on an in-depth knowledge of the business and an extensive network of qualified partners.

Our proactive customer service is at your disposal

Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Customer satisfaction

We track and manage all your shipments on your behalf. Save precious time and concentrate on your core business.

Your satisfaction is at the heart of our mission. We understand that this means satisfying your own customers and guaranteeing an impeccable logistics service. That's why we have put in place the following practices:

  • Exemplary responsiveness: Our responsive team adapts in real time to changes and unforeseen events, ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted logistics flow.

  • Total transparency: trust is at the heart of our relationship with you. We keep you informed every step of the way. Regular updates and open communication ensure that you are always aware of the progress of your shipments.

  • Continuous improvement : Your comments and feedback are invaluable to us. They help us identify areas for improvement and adjust our practices to serve you better every time.

The professionalism, availability and promptness of the teams in charge of processing and tracking shipments are highly complementary to the operating methods in place at our company, whose quality is the source of our success.

Not everyone has a strong sense of service, whereas at Executive (Défi groupe) this is the basis of their culture.

Thierno - Regional Manager

Super service, reliable drivers, attentive customer service! Perfect, more than perfect!

Jenny - Transit agent

Solve your disputes

Tailor-made solutions and extensive expertise for your shipments

At D&figroupe, our customer service is your shield in the event of transport problems. We make sure your shipments run smoothly. Our main mission is to ensure the smooth running of your shipments, from departure to delivery, by closely monitoring the requirements of each destination and customer.

In the event of a delivery problem, our customer service team is on hand to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently, before you even realize it has arisen.

Discover our strengths in dispute management.

  • Fast detection

    Our proactive TMS(transport management system) identifies any potential problems, whether damage, delays or anomalies in delivery.

      • Creating a dispute

        En the event of an incident, your dedicated contact automatically creates a dispute file, recording all the important details. You will be informed in real time by e-mail or telephone.

          • Proactive management

            Our dedicated team takes charge ofthe dispute and communicates with all the parties involved to quickly resolve the problem: shipper, carrier, local agency, consignee, etc.

              • Constant follow-up

              We provide ongoing monitoring of the dispute, from the detection of damage to its resolution. This includes the creation of a claim or reimbursement file. Not forgetting the handling of Advalorem insurance.


              Analyze your impact

              On-demand logistics reporting and analysis

              • Our IT system, a high-performance professional TMS, enables you to edit your end-of-day manifesto. This is an important document for tracking and archiving your data, as well as for analyzing your activity.

              • At our customers' request, our dedicated customer service agents regularly send out reports and analyses of shipments. The frequency varies according to the customer's needs: daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. These summaries of our customers' logistics operations support them in their forecasting, sales strategy and quality control.

              Take advantage of our network

              A privileged customer relationship and exclusive advantages

              Thanks to our our network expertisewe have developed strong relationships with our transport partners. We benefit from privileged accounts with each of them. This entitles us to a number of advantages that we put at your service:

              • Very large, regularly updated databases;
              • Local agencies that can be reached as quickly as possible;
              • Fast resolution of any delivery problems.

              These advantages enable our customer service agents to track all your shipments in detail, and act swiftly in the event of any anomaly.

              We're close to your merchandise, monitoring its progress from pick-up to destination.