Air & sea transport

  • Do you need your goods delivered to the other side of the world?

  • It is precious, dangerous or with specific characteristics?

Air & sea transport

  • Do you need your goods delivered to the other side of the world?

  • It is precious, dangerous or with specific characteristics?

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Air and sea expeditions in 2022

Air and sea expeditions in 2022

Transport air and sea

We organize your shipments and collections according to your specific requirements.

There are too many transport operators and you don't know which one to turn to?

Imagine you had justone point of entry, just one request to make for your merchandise to reach its destination...

No matter how many carriers or logistics hubs it has to pass through...

Whatever its constraints, its specific features and yours... 

More than a transport service provider, D&figroupe is a project partner for its customers. We stand for transparency, reliability,adaptability andagility.

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Our freight solutions

To meet all your expansion ambitions, our agents are located in 136 countries. Their mission is to secure your goods wherever they may be, and to guarantee the smooth running of your international shipments.

As logistics experts, D&fi Groupe has set up carefully studied, diversified and agile transport processes to offer you tailor-made air and seatransport solutions. We work closely with a large network of carriers.

At D&figroupe, we do more than just transport your goods from port A to port B. Our various import and export departments do their utmost to ensure that your pick-ups and shipments run smoothly. 

In France and abroad, our agents are at your service. They take your every need into account, offering solutions tailored to your needs, your products and your destinations. Our high value-added services aim to : 

  • optimize your supply chain;
  • minimize your delivery times;
  • control your transport costs;
  • reduce your environmental impact.

We also offer a range of complementary services to provide you with comprehensive support.

You can also take advantage of complementary combined transport services: a tailor-made transport plan for your goods combining the various road transport options, express express transport to courier and charter services.

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    Maritime transport

    services & features

    We are one of the leading providers of full container load (FCL) and less-than-container load (LCL) sea freight services from all overAsia, and more specifically from China, as well as toAfrica and French overseas departments and territories. We currently handle several thousand containers a year worldwide.

    Our network of in-house agents and privileged agreements with major shipping lines ensure that we are highly competitive in terms of service quality and purchasing.

    Air transport

    services and features

    Take advantage of our expertise in airfreight, as well as the willingness of our safety-certified agents to work on the runway.

    Airfreight services may vary according to the airline, local regulations and available capacity.

    Our team, in close contact with the airlines, will obtain specific information on the services available in your region, so that your goods can be transported.


    Customs expertise

    Customs clearance service

    Our in-house customs service is AEO (Authorized Economic Operator). Défi Groupe supports you step by step in managing your international supply chain.

    Thanks to a wide range of customs servicesOur agents can offer you solutions that comply with regulations and are tailored to your specific situation. They are authorized to access customs administrations at ports and airports by means of security badges.

    Our operators are trained and experienced to assist you with all your customs procedures. If your goods are stored in bond, they will ensure : 

    • inspect, measure, weigh, pack, repack, store and secure;
    • ensure sampling for certification, for example;
    • label it in accordance with regulatory requirements.

    Our operators can also provide you with all the export and import documentation you need: 

    • certificates of conformity;
    • declarations of conformity with Customs Union technical regulations;
    • phytosanitary and veterinary certificates;
    • customs classification decisions;
    • certificates of origin.

    Our approvals


    International Air Transport Association (IATA)

    240 airlinesrepresenting 84% of the world's air traffic, make up the IATA association. IATA regulates and coordinates air transport, unifying international standards and regulations. In particular, it aims to passenger and cargo safety and air freight, modernize this mode of transport and optimize its costs.


    Air transport of dangerous goods (IATA DGR)

    We are aware of the responsibility entrusted to us and the importance of our role in the safety of goods and people. That's why, with our partner airlines, we work in strict compliance with the DGR produced and regularly updated by the IATA association.


    Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

    To provide the best customs services to our customers, a partnership with customs was an obvious choice. The AEO certifies the quality of D&figroupe and facilitates all procedures relating to payment of duties and taxes and customs clearance. The benefits we derive from this are passed on to our customers:

    • prior notification of customs controls; 
    • reduced data requirements for summary declarations; 
    • facilitating the signing of mutual recognition agreements between the EU and third countries.  
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    Customer case study

    Safe transport of aerosols, considered a hazardous product.


    A Breton company specializing in the manufacture of aerosols for industry, looking to export its goods to the United States.



    As aerosols are flammable and explosive, they are considered dangerous goods. Their transport is therefore subject to strict regulations to ensure the safety of people and property.

    Read our article on this subject.


    Our role is toensure the safe and efficienttransport of a shipment of hazardous aerosols from Elbene in Brittany to Miami airport, in compliance with international regulations and guaranteeing on-time delivery.