Messaging and chartering

  • Do you need to ship your goods at a lower cost?
  • Would you like to opt for more eco-responsible transport?

Messaging and chartering

  • Do you need to ship your goods at a lower cost?
  • Would you like to opt for more eco-responsible transport?

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Road expeditions in 2022

Road expeditions in 2022

Road transport

More responsible, more agile delivery

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Our mission is to deliver your pallets, batches or full loads from 30 kg upwards.

Whatever your destination in France and Europe, your goods are transported in complete safety.

D&figroupe's strength lies in its ability to meet your transport requirements whatever your specific logistics requirements.

With the transport solutions offered by D&figroupe, you gain in : 

  • credibility : controlled delivery times;
  • responsiveness : delivered before noon, goods are available for sale, processing or production the same day;
  • agility and flexibility : depending on the shipment chosen, we will process your order using specific transport orders;
  • precise forecasts : information on deliveries thanks to the TFS system;
  • proactivity : permanent monitoring of your transport operations and confirmation of pick-up thanks to our dedicated customer service;
  • regularity : daily delivery of your goods.

You can also take advantage of our complementary combined transport services: a tailor-made transport plan for your goods combining express transport (road transport) and air and sea freight.

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    Safer chartering

    Freight forwarding is more reliable, thanks to the limitation of load breakage. It's a specific type of transport for pallets, which has the advantage of limiting the handling of fragile and non-standard pallets.

    The pallet is transported from point A to point B, without changing trucks en route.

    In the case of POS transport involving fragile displays (glass), sometimes with non-standard dimensions (2m x 2m pallets): this transport is much more sensitive than standard merchandise, which is easier to transport.

    Chartering is the ideal solution for this type of transport, with its many constraints. Whether palletization constraints or delivery constraints such as delivery by appointment...etc.

    Greener messaging

    Looking for a more eco-responsibletransport solution isn't easy, but courier transport meets some of these criteria.

    This mode of transport is based on the grouping of goods, with the sorting of these goods at a given point to enable their distribution. This is the mode of transport of choice for both the retail and textile industries.

    Thanks to our extensive network throughout Europe, we can offer you customized transport solutions for your small pallet shipments.

    Our courier service offers you two major advantages for your logistics:

    • an ultra-competitive price thanks to grouped goods;
    • fast pick-up guaranteed by our carriers in 37 European countries.
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    Traceability and control 

    We provide you with an in-house developed software: a transport management systemcommonly referred to in the industry as TMS. This TMS enables you to enter your shipping orders in complete security, so that we can schedule your shipments.

    Regardless of the type of transport you use, you'll find all your shipments on the same centralized tool.

    Your specific access allows you to track your operations and obtain proofs of delivery (PODs) in real time.

    The choice is yours You have a choice: your transport orders can be processed by data exchange (EDI), via the web, or by setting up a remote station (PC and thermal printer) on your premises.


    How does chartering work?

    Vehicle chartering is a tailor-made solution where you rent our vehicles (or those of our partners) with or without drivers, according to your transport needs. This eliminates the hassle of logistics management while giving you total control over loading and routing.

    The advantages of messaging?

    Courier transport offers rapid delivery in less than 48 hours, thanks to a well-harmonized network of platforms. This allows you to concentrate on your production while keeping costs under control. In addition to being cost-effective, this solution offers greater reliability, since delivery zones are fully covered and deadlines are met.

    How do you transport heavy freight?

    Our network includes vehicles adapted for heavy freight transport. Our experienced drivers and compliance with safety standards guarantee safe and efficient transport.

    How can I track my shipments in transit?

    We use our own TMS to provide real-time visibility of your shipments' location and progress. You can track your parcels every step of the way as you gain access to our platform.

    What's the difference between dedicated and grouped freight?

    Dedicated transport means you have an entire vehicle dedicated to your goods, guaranteeing rapid delivery. It's right for you if you have a large volume of goods. Groupage transport brings together several loads in a single vehicle to optimize costs.

    How are road routes chosen?

    Our logistics experts provide route options based on destination, distance, road conditions and the best way to meet your deadlines. We aim to optimize the route to minimize costs, both economic and ecological, as well as delivery times.

    How do you manage returns?

    We will provide returns management solutions to simplify your processes and offer you a complete solution. We coordinate the return of goods by optimizing logistics flows.