Transporting your luxury car internationally

Everything you need to know about shipping your luxury car abroad

May 3, 2024

Are you moving abroad and don't want to part with your car? Have you bought a classic car abroad and want to repatriate it? There's a solution: hire a transport company to take your vehicle back to your new home. But it's vital toensure the safety of this delicate delivery. You need to provide all the documents required by customs, and inspect your vehicle in advance. For its part, the transport company must protect this valuable asset from any damage during the journey. In this article, find out how to transport your luxury car internationally!

Possible modes of transport for transporting a vehicle over long distances

If there's no sea between where your car is and where you want to take it, you can consider road transport. This can be done by truck or car trailer.

If road transport is not an option, at least part of the way, you can opt for delivery by ship. Containers are the safest way to transport your car abroad, but delivery times are fairly long: between 1 week and 1 month, depending on the destination.

As with the transportation of works of art, the fastest and safest way to transport a luxury car is by airfreight. That said, the cost can be very high. It depends on a number of criteria, such as the number of stopovers, customs clearance, etc.

Precautions to take before placing your car in a container

To send your car abroad, you need the following documents:

  • vehicle registration document ;
  • French or international driver's license (information to be obtained from the prefecture or sub-prefecture of your place of residence);
  • the carnet de passage en douane issued by the automobile clubs, if required;
  • an international insurance card (please note that the validity of this document varies from country to country).

As well as preparing the paperwork, it's important to make your car's journey as safe as possible. Check the fuel level and the battery. You should also take back all your valuables (CD player, GPS, etc.) and disable the security alarm. Finally, we recommend that you inspect the condition of the bodywork and take photos of any dents, scratches or dents. In this way, you'll be protected in the event of a dispute at reception.

The process of transporting a vehicle by cargo plane

Cargo planes allow you to transport your car quickly and safely. It's a 6-step process.

1. Preparing your vehicle for travel

Sending a luxury car into the air is not without danger. The operation requires meticulous preparation prior to transport. Professionals will, for example, reduce fluids and disconnect the battery for safety reasons.

2. Car packaging

This step prevents damage to the vehicle due to movement during the flight. It is then secured on pallets or special containers.

3. Customs clearance and documentation

All the necessary documents must be in order for the international transit of a car. This includes, among other things, export and import authorizations and customs declarations. It's a good idea to check with your haulier to avoid any disputes or blockages at customs.

4. Loading the vehicle onto the cargo plane

Forklifts are used to load cars onto freight aircraft. Integrated loading systems can also be used.

Luxury cars in a cargo plane
Transporting luxury cars in a cargo plane

5. Car transit

Once the vehicle is securely installed, it's time for take-off! During the flight, safety conditions are checked to prevent transport damage.

6. Unloading and delivery of the luxury car

The car is unloaded using special handling equipment. Before being delivered to the end customer, the car is cleared through customs.

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How to transport your luxury car internationally in complete safety?

Luxury, sports, collector and classic cars represent a major investment. The financial value of such goods is exacerbated by their rarity, history, cultural importance or performance. That's why air transport is the most popular choice. It guarantees safety, rapid delivery and preservation of the vehicle.

To avoid damage during transport, it's important to choose your carrier carefully. He or she must be accustomed to this kind of delicate service. It's also important that they have customs clearance, so that they can inform you about the supporting documents you need to present, and react quickly in the event of customs blockage.

At D&fiGroupe, your dedicated contact is in direct contact with the airlines. He or she is in a position to study your precise needs for transporting your car abroad, taking into account all logistical constraints. This expert works in close collaboration with our international customs agents.

Contact us now to deliver your luxury car internationally under the best possible conditions!

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