Advice on communication

A consultant in global communication, EX&cutive Process & Etudes meets the variety of its customers’ needs, whether they belong to the private or public sectors. The service has developed around six areas of activity: consultancy, marketing, creation and design, publishing and press, multimedia and desktop publishing.

It is through the optimum organisation of its circuits and through the versatility of its players from various backgrounds:

Press, publishing, advertising, new technologies and local authorities, that EX&cutive Process & Etudes helps to provide you with the most appropriate solution.

Deploying know-how to enhance Quality through broad consultation, from reflection to creation and from implementation to manufacturing.

Our philosophy: “Going further by focusing on the essential.”


Institutions and local authorities.

Loss of credibility and poor image. Today, politics has become an abstract concept.

Communication must be based more on facts and on economic reality to meet everyone’s expectations. Our wish is to establish a clear dialogue between public authorities and citizens; to allow everyone to assert and impose their culture and their identity. Generating genuine interactivity to facilitate dialogue and exchange. It is necessary to hear to be heard and to listen to be listened to.


A new crisis means new challenges and savings are the order of the day. An essential component in development strategies, communication must help companies to take up their everyday challenges and face up to economic turmoil while at the same time keeping on course for growth. Our aim is to help you to find the right balance between depth of reflection and rigorous action.

To take your expectations and your objectives into account by combining them effectively with your resources.

Creation and design

Our design studio conducts graphic design work: logos, graphic charters, commercial stationery, posters, leaflets, catalogues, packaging, etc. It shapes your image, invents new languages and creates your history. Our creative team invents and embellishes. It likes to listen and observe. It assists you from the definition through to the concretisation of your projects. Our aim is to establish your identity, translate your philosophy and make your business line or your product visible.


In the space of a few years the Internet has become the essential tool for promotion of a company. As your sales brochure was until recently, it is today the essential showcase, a faithful reflection of your activity and your image. It is also the main tool for any person seeking information. As a veritable ambassador of your brand, it deserves particularly close attention in its design and production. Our team consisting of copywriters, designers and highly experienced developers works in perfect harmony with your employees. A dedicated contact will act as the interface between your departments and our team. Because a website is not an exact copy of your printed commercial documents or brochures transposed to the Internet, we endeavour to create a simple and effective, rapid and functional tool reflecting your company and its needs.

Various steps are necessary for its success:

  • Choosing the correct referencing and the correct hosting,
  • Defining the objectives and the targets,
  • Establishing the company’s image and philosophy,
  • Defining the technical requirements and the functions,
  • Designing the content of the site and creating the site tree,
  • Creating its graphic design and aesthetics,
  • Meeting commercial requirements and facilitating reading,
  • Proposing update and promotion phases.


Marketing is a state of mind. Enabling a company to conquer markets, or to create them, preserve them or develop them, is a constant concern for us . Quantitative and qualitative analysis of supply and demand is the cornerstone of this approch. Knowing the market in order to adapt ourselves to it more effectively. Mastering its constraints to develop an offer ideally suited to your requirements. From strategy to implementation, we assist you and make every effort to guarantee you the expected results. Our methodology consists in:

  • Defining the goals to be reached in the short, medium and long term,
  • Analysing the market, its strengths and its weaknesses,
  • Identifying competitors’ advantages and weaknesses,
  • Defining, planning and setting up the actions to be conducted,
  • Creating the key messages and the communication tools,
  • Assisting in and following up promotion campaigns,
  • Checking and analysing each step in implementation.

Publishing and press

Our copywriters look for the right note which conveys your message and makes your sales pitch relevant. Bouncing back on a daily basis, being curious about everything and being thirsty for information to find the words which hit home. Giving a meaning to words also means setting a tone for images. We use all writing techniques to make your documents clear and legible (art books, company books, mailings, leaflets, brochures, activity reports, newsletters, newspapers, magazines, etc.).

Our objective: to stimulate your communication and make your reading pleasant and effective.