An authorized customs agent, we make thousands of customs declarations every year. Based at Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport and represented in ports and airports in France and worldwide, we carry out all customs formalities on your behalf.

We also work in close cooperation with the international inspecting authorities such as the WCO (World Customs Organisation) and the EC (European Commission). As a customs expert, our objective is to facilitate customs procedures and formalities for you. We are aware of the risk associated with the circulation of your goods and appraise it accurately each day.

We can assist you in procedures and the classification of your goods with the customs authorities (BTI) to optimise your duties and taxes. Thanks to our expertise as a customs agent, we understand better than anyone the difficulties of international trade and the associated customs formalities. Our interventions range from simple advice to the logistic setting up of your transport and its guarantees.

In 1998, Stile obtained express customs approval and, to serve its customers more effectively, signed an agreement with the customs administration making it possible to carry out customs clearance for letters and parcels two hours before the arrival of the flight, both for imports and for exports. Stile can thus offer its customers speed and flexibility.


  • Approved at Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle, Orly, Toulouse and Le Bourget airports (Paris Aérospatial).
  • Customs 24/7.
  • Sundays and bank holidays on request and for specific goods.
  • Connection with French Customs (DELTA).
  • Declarations of exchanges of goods (DEB): for free circulation between European Union countries.
  • ATA carnet, BTI, management of monitoring documents, import licence, certificate of origin, EUR 1, ATR 1 and all documents relating to imports.
  • Customs for personal belongings.

Les Agréments

  • 1998 Obtention de l’agrément douane des envois express n° 69
  • 1999 Obtention de l’agrément Agent IATA n° 20.4.7330
  • 2004 Capacité de commissionnaire en transport, société Stile n°CE.31.04.00091
    et société EX&cutive n° CE.08.11.0005302
  • 2007 Signature de la convention N.S.T.I. n° 272418
    Signature de la convention d’exploitation M.A.D.T./M.A.E. n° 07000087
    Signature de la convention Téléprocédure DELTA n° 00000093
  • 2008 Obtention de l’agrément UDD n° 617/AIES et n° 619/AIES
    Obtention de la procédure multimodale n° 617/035
  • 2009 Obtention de l’agrément commissionnaire en douane n° 5180
  • 2010 Obtention de la certification O.E.A. n° FR00000258