Stile has become a major player in the aviation, automobile, biomedical and Oil & Gas sectors. We assist more than 20 airline companies and act in partnership with Air France/KLM, Skyteam group and Lufthansa, thus allowing access to aircraft on the runway. We manage and monitor the fuelling and aircraft part files on a daily basis. We are particularly attentive to urgency issues in the automobile and industrial sectors and aware of the losses which can be caused by any delay in the interruption of an assembly line and in the delivery of spare parts or industrial supplies.

Passager - Hand Carry - AOG (Aircraft On Ground)

  • Personal delivery which simplifies customs clearance procedures and guarantees the security of your package.
  • For an urgent need or a package which deserves particular attention, we are available at any time, 24/7 every day of the year.
  • A dedicated security guard will accompany your package.
  • We offer you creative solutions and customised transport.

Emergency - Critical - NFO (Next Flight Out)

  • If your goods have to be transported with a transit time reduced to the minimum, we choose the best solution for your degree of urgency. We load your cargo on board the first flight available, thus receiving priority treatment through to the destination airport.
  • Possibility of collection and delivery to destination, return of non-deliverable products, transport insurance.
  • In addition, and in partnership with SoDExi Air France/KLM, Skyteam group, we have the possibility of accessing aircraft with our own personnel to load or unload your shipments.

Aircraft chartering - Cargo charter

Your parts combine considerable weights or volumes with the shortest possible delivery times, going directly to any destination around the world. We charter the aircraft which will best suit your specific requirements.

Routine - Multimodal solutions

For all your shipments not requiring a quick delivery time, Stile is able to develop various low-cost transport solutions in air consolidation for example or by any other means of transport.