Enthusiastic and confident of companies’ ability to adapt to the new economic framework and globalisation, EX&cutive Logistique undertakes to improve its customers’ competitiveness. Over the years we have developed know-how to meet your specific needs in terms of storage, packaging or order preparation. Your requirements being increasingly conditioned by a highly competitive market, we are aware that the price remains the predominant factor and that service is an essential concept intrinsic to your needs.


Storage is an essential element in logistics, which is why we pay particular attention to it. Good stock management enables optimum management of flows and reduces costs. We benefit from a strategic geographical position, being located near Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport and major motorways.

  • Storage area of 500 to 5000 m2,
  • Any type of requirement: occasional, medium-term or long-term,
  • Secure warehouses,
  • Shelving for standard palletisation,
  • Quantitative and qualitative checking of goods,
  • Product referencing,
  • A dedicated area per customer,
  • A dedicated team for stock management,
  • Handling of claims and sending of supporting documents.

Conditioning and packaging

Our collaboration with major packaging and conditioning groups enables us to offer you a range of customised products specially produced for your specific needs. The scale of the volumes handled guarantees you advantageous rates.

  • Creation of packaging,
  • Wide range of packaging materials and customised offer,
  • Wide choice of packaging of all sizes: envelopes, cartons, cases, tubes, etc.
  • Racking for standard palletisation,
  • Wide choice of wedging and protections and customised offer,
  • Dedicated area and team,
  • Participation in the eco-system by recycling of packaging.

Order picking

EX&cutive Logistique allows you to manage your order picking under optimum conditions. Whatever the products or the quantities to be handled, we set up a specific process supervised by a dedicated team.

  • Quantitative and qualitative checking at the various stages of order picking,
  • Computerised management of order files,
  • Stock management and flow control,
  • Traceability and remaining quantities at the end of operations,
  • Dedicated transport managed by our warehouses.