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Patrick Aguirre
Patrick Aguirre
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Sophie Heloise
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Jennifer Herrera
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A team of specialists with high added value

Born out of the meeting of professionals from various sectors of logistics and transport, EX&cutive Groupe was able to bring together personalities rich in expertise and experienced in the techniques and rules of their profession. Drawing on more than ten years of experience, EX&cutive Groupe started by forging a reputation for itself as a consultant and expert in the field of logistics and express transport and has now become an essential player in this market.

In 2009, EX&cutive groupe joined the Holding company D&fi, thus providing it with the firm foundation of a large group while preserving the spirit of a company on a human scale. An important advantage for taking up tomorrow’s challenges.
EX&cutive Groupe therefore became D&FI, thus incorporating EX&cutive Logistique, EX&cutive Air & Sea, EX&cutive Process & Etudes, Stile and Diapason.

A solution integrator to meet all your requirements

From partnership with major companies to special relationships with SMEs and SMIs, D&fi was able to build a climate of confidence and loyalty. Through the versatility of its players and its responsiveness, through its concern for reliability and rigour, and through its ability to listen and openness, it develops and sets up innovative solutions to meet the requirements of each customer. Its historic network of partners and the constant growth of the volumes handled guarantee full control of deadlines and costs in perfect compliance with the commitments given.
Customised solutions whatever the size of your company. Service whatever the urgency. Trust and reliability guaranteed for a human policy geared to customer satisfaction.


2003 : Founding of the company EX&cutive SAS. EX&cutive is created to provide a pragmatic answer to ever more expensive and complex logistic and transport issues. Solutions developed and studied by a founding circle constantly seeking to innovate to take up the challenges of “Supply Chain Management”.
2006 : EX&cutive creates the graphic studio Care-off, specialising in multilingual international publishing operations and managing the operational chains from design to delivery.
2007 : EX&cutive buys up FET, a logistics and transport company, created in 1997. It reinforces its offer in the national and international express sector and enriches its logistics service.
2007 : EX&cutive creates Reflex, thus developing its activities in the new E-Commerce markets. EX&cutive confirms its position and provides its expertise to introduce more effectively the logistic tools specific to these new companies (from stock management to transport and including assembly and packaging services).
2008 : EX&cutive continues its diversification and buys up DCX, thus establishing a distribution service for the whole Ile-de-France region. An acquisition which enriches its ever more complementary activities in transport professions.
2009 : Founding of EX&cutive Groupe, bringing together all the companies created and acquired since the creation of EX&cutive SAS.
2010 : The signing of a partnership agreement between EX&cutive Groupe and the financial company MBO Partenaires gives rise to the Holding company D&fi, thus enabling EX&cutive groupe to continue its external and internal growth.
The Holding company D&fi buys up Stile, a customs and transport agent and specialist in emergency logistics
2011 : The Holding company D&fi continues to diversify its activities and acquires the Belgian company PFP, which operates an international courier service in Europe.
2012 : Creation of the Executive Air and Sea division (maritime and air transport) and joining of the mostly widely recognised networks in the market.
2012 : Creation of Executive Logistique: national / international courier services and European chartering, incorporating PFP acquired en 2011.
2013 : Acquisition of a new Head Office and warehouse appropriate to the transport and logistics professions via its subsidiary Concordia.
2015 : Buyout of Diapason by the D&FI Group.
2017 : D&fi creates its communication agency Fordis, incorporating the graphic studio Care Off acquired in 2006.


It is because we are aware that adapting to climate change is one of the major challenges of this century that we have signed the GOGREEN charter together with our partners.

2010, the environmental commitment

# A quick reminder:
The Kyoto Protocol, signed in 1998, comprises absolute commitments to reduce emissions for 38 industrialised countries, with an overall reduction of 5.2 % in carbon dioxide emissions by 2012 compared to emissions in 1990. The commitments made by developed countries lead to the introduction of emission permits enabling emission rights to be sold or bought between industrialised countries.

Protecting the environment together to successfully meet tomorrow’s challenges:
D&fi wishes to act for the good of the planet. You have already incorporated environmental protection and sustainable development in your strategy. D&fi assists you and proposes the GOGREEN offer:
Control of CO² emissions in accordance with the Emission Permits relating to the application of the Kyoto Protocol.

# An action which is easy to conduct:

– Easy to use: GOGREEN can be directly chosen by the customer at the time of its reservation
– Reduces global warming: GOGREEN can be chosen for all shipments or for only some.
– Allows customers not to develop their own tool: the customer can print out the GOGREEN stickers and stick them directly on its shipments and dispatches.
– Guarantees the commitment to reduce CO² emissions: the word GOGREEN appears on the invoice
– A certified procedure: each year customers receive their GOGREEN certificate indicating the quantity of CO² emissions prevented.

Approvals (Stile)

1998 Obtaining of express shipments customs approval no. 69
1999 Obtaining of IATA Agent approval no. 20.4.7330
2004 Qualification as transport agent for Stile (no. CE.31.04.00091) and EX&cutive (no. CE.08.11.0005302)
2007 Signing of NCTS agreement no. 272418
Signing of Bonded Warehouse operating agreement no. 07000087
Signing of DELTA Teleprocedure agreement no. 00000093
2008 Obtaining of UDD approval no. 617/AIES and no. 619/AIES
Obtaining of multimodal procedure no. 617/035
2009 Obtaining of customs agent approval no. 5180
2010 Obtaining of Authorised Economic Operator certification no. FR00000258


D&fi’s desire to meet the ever more demanding requirements of its customers naturally leads it to place quality, the environment and safety at the heart of its policy. Human qualities, respect for our natural environment and ensuring our well-being are for us the keys to success and mutual trust. All of the certifications and approvals obtained underline the recognition and the excellence which we owe you.

Quality control
Each player in the company feels a deep sense of responsibility. Each step of our work and each action conducted on a daily basis is monitored and supervised by specially assigned personnel. This added value enables us to optimise tasks, anticipate and prevent errors through the corrective actions regularly undertaken and thus ensure an increase in productivity which is naturally reflected in prices.
Our quality process:
– Satisfaction surveys are conducted with our customers,
– The customer service department’s control procedures are carried out daily,
– Audits and litigation follow-up are organised with our supplier partners on a weekly basis.
Quality, because we have understood that placing this fundamental value at the centre of our organisation guarantees the respect and trust of all concerned: customers, partners and employees.

Social responsibility
It is through the multicultural richness of its personnel, its know-how and above all thanks to adherence to shared values that D&fi has been able to develop its activities and enable everyone to find their place in the company. Internal audits are regularly organised in order to meet the personal development needs of our employees as effectively as possible. This results in the targeted setting up of continuous training courses leading to the obtaining of qualifications and validation of skills.
On a larger scale, the company’s human values and the management’s personal commitment naturally lead to us to support solidarity actions in favour of charities and humanitarian associations.
En 2006, in company with Pascal Olmeta, a former professional footballer, the main members of D&fi founded the association “Un sourire, un espoir pour la vie” (“A smile, a hope for life”), to help sick children and support their families.

To contact the association, go to the website: www.assopascalolmeta.com