We carry out transport of retail goods and consolidated cargo on behalf of our industrial and commercial customers. We intervene in our customers’ international distribution and procurement markets. We have several products at your disposal for this purpose:

Urgent air cargo

If your goods have to be transported with a transit time reduced to the minimum, EX&cutive Cargo Extrême is the most appropriate solution. As its name suggests, Exécutive Cargo Extrême cargo is loaded on board the first departing flight and receives priority treatment through to the destination airport and even beyond.

Guaranteed deadline air cargo

If your priority is to reduce your costs, but your goods have to be transported by plane, EX&cutive Regular Cargo is the perfect compromise. Designed for less urgent consignments for which a slight increase in transit time remains acceptable, EX&cutive Regular Cargo transports your cargo to the world’s main airports.

Air consolidation

If you need a rapid service but the price is also important, EX&cutive Economy Cargo is the ideal solution. It consolidates your cargo at an advantageous rate and guarantees you arrival on the stated day in airports serving all the world’s major business centres.


EX&cutive Cargo Exceed. EX&cutive places an integrated network of exclusive agents at your disposal, enabling it to offer a Door-to-Door service all over the world.


EX&cutive Air & Sea specialises in the chartering of all-cargo aircraft and studies all your projects whatever the type of goods transported (outsize equipment, hazardous substances, AOG, oil equipment, etc.)

Our team will provide you as quickly as possible with the most appropriate chartering solution (choice of the type of aircraft, airport of departure, airport of arrival, etc.)

We set up all the operations for routing to the airport, sometimes necessitating special convoys, and deal with the customs operations and cargo security together with the storage aspect and preparation of the cargo.

On arrival, we deal with the freight unloading operations and can, depending on the destination, handle all the local customs and site forwarding operations.