Desktop publishing and routing

In a society in which everything has become increasingly urgent, Diapason offers you the necessary responsiveness to the specific and strategic needs of users of direct communication in its historic areas of business. The last step in the production chain, mailing occupies a specific place in information processing and continues to be of the highest importance. Whatever the operation, from the simplest to the most complex, we work to meet all your essential requirements. We can also act as an expert consultant and offer you the best strategic option in terms of communication, management and logistics. Specialising in the publishing and distribution of administrative and corporate documents, we regularly handle operations for major corporations listed in the CAC 40 index, providing effective solutions for cost control and optimisation of deadlines.

Information technology and confidentiality
As regards both the data which are entrusted to us for processing or management and the launching of new offers or products, our teams are contractually committed not to disclose any information outside the confines of the company. All information recorded for the requirements of your communication campaigns will be systematically destroyed at the end of operations.
Quality and transparency
Numerous random checks will be carried out throughout the implementation process, from receipt of your documents through to the end-of-work report. In complete transparency, your teams will be able to follow each phase of progress of the work.
Dedicated personnel and responsiveness
A special contact is in charge of your application. He coordinates the various persons involved internally from the start of your operation through to delivery of the expected service.

Databases and hosting

  • Analysis of the various users’ needs,
  • Modelling,
  • Constitution of initial databases (restructuring, deduplication, merger, enrichment from existing data, etc.),
  • Creation and specific configuration,
  • Creation of the update and monitoring processes,
  • Operation and maintenance of databases,
  • Restructuring, standardisation and postal validation,
  • France/International deduplication and matching.

Laser and dot-matrix printing

We can personalise any type of information: graphics or images dynamically, logos, texts, signatures and different variables contained in your files. For any communication and information necessitating several identical copies, you will find the best solution in the use of impact printing (dot-matrix printers), which is reliable and economical.

Printing on envelopes

Envelopes remain a powerful vehicle for communication to enhance your image and give your direct communication campaigns the necessary impact, whether of an ordinary or high-end nature.
We can personalise your envelopes with laser or inkjet printing and print prepaid envelopes.

Manual and mechanisable mailing

Our customers’ creativity sometimes requires us to provide a manual service. Once again, our teams are experienced in such specific applications. For mechanisable enveloping, the last step in the internal production chain, our industrial equipment is all fitted with viewing systems to carry out the numerous essential integrity checks: checking of doubles and sequences and comparison of personalised documents.